With decades of experience in the CAD conversion industry, RasterToVector.biz has matured into a one-stop-shop for vectorization. We have a unique mix of CAD skills and software technologies. These enable us to provide the highest quality Raster to Vector CAD conversion services. As a result, we have won the confidence of thousands of clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition, we offer a number of unique advantages:

  • Price matching (our prices cannot be beat).
  • Quality of our conversion services (guaranteed).
  • Our team can turnaround projects fast, even overnight.
  • Hassle free process.
  • Exceptional customer service.

In short, our proven expertise in CAD conversion enables us to offer superior value to our worldwide clientele.

We work primarily with Fortune 500 companies, architectural firms, engineers and construction companies. So we understand your need for accuracy and information security.

We guarantee 100% accuracy in the ultimate output. We follow a proprietary process that we have developed and continuously improved over the past 20 years to attain the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

All of our format conversion jobs go through a rigorous 5-level quality process. Also, we perform all of our work in a highly secure facility.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, we provide a full refund for any work that fails to meet the high expectations of our clients.

Building on Raster To Vector CAD Conversion

Having built a reputation for quality and reliability, our goal is to become the leading global provider of CAD support services. Growth will come from new, higher value-added services (e.g. point cloud conversion). It will also come from new geographies (mainly Europe, Australia and Asia). We plan to grow primarily through organic means. However, we are also exploring options to acquire smaller companies that can contribute to either geographic or product expansion.

Moving up the learning curve is important for the company to continue to expand and to provide a career path for its employees. Many companies are now switching from 2D to 3D (e.g. Revit, BIM). As a result, most of the company’s growth today is coming from new services such as 3D modeling and 2D to 3D conversion.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of CAD and graphic services. In addition to being a leader in raster to vector CAD conversion, we also provide floor plans for real estate marketing, renderings and CAD drafting.

We accept inputs in any form that is convenient to our client. Our clients send us the inputs for these jobs via e-mail or FTP. Similarly, we can send the output back to you by e-mail or FTP.