Raster to Vector conversion (also known as R2V) caters to the diverse needs of our clients. RastertoVector.biz’s comprehensive range of artwork vectorization solutions caters to all design and printing professionals. Our artwork vectorization service is a very powerful way to convert your artwork or image into vector format (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, EPS or any other vector format).

There are many advantages of raster to vector (R2V) conversion. The vectorized artwork has no jaggedness, no loss in detail and can be printed at any resolution or any size. The vectorized artwork/logo can be scaled up or down without any loss in quality and can be used for manuals, brochures, newspapers and a host of other applications.

One can use our raster to vector (R2V) conversion service to process charts, drawings, maps, schemes and other similar images. We work on a wide range of raster formats (over 300 different formats such as IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF, and TIFF). We can also help you with logo vectorization, vectorization of your graphics, stencils, clipart and web icons. As technologies are rapidly increasing and more and more companies are searching for new ways to gain a lead in the market, raster to vector (R2V) conversion is becoming a standard of expectation. We can convert your scanned drawings(architectural, engineering, construction and GIS files) into fully editable, multi-layer drawings (as per scale).


The key advantages of our raster to vector conversion service include:

  • We re-create the artwork as a new file (using both manual and software-assisted processes); the final output is editable and will be in AI, CDR, EPS or any other graphics formats.
  • Since we create a new file, we can create as many layers as you require. We generate separate layers for artwork, text, etc.
  • The final artwork can be re-sized depending on the application (web, printing, corporate stationery, etc.).