1) What is the difference between Auto-vectorization and Manual vectorization?
Manual vectorization is the traditional way of scanned drawings into fully editable CAD files by simply re-drawing them. Auto-vectorization achieves a similar result using software. Auto-vectorization is cheaper, but has many drawbacks. For example, the drawings may not be dimensionally correct because of distortions in the scanned drawings. RasterToVector.biz provides both options, but we recommend manual vectorization for any customer who cares more about quality than price.

2) Which one is better for me?
If price is your most important consideration, then auto-vectorization may be better for you. However, if quality and accuracy are important, we recommend that you stick with manual vectorization.

3) What file formats do you accept?

We accept all file input formats (e.g. TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.). We have not yet come across an input file that we could not accept.

4) How long have you been in this industry (business)?
The company was founded in 2002, but the founders of the company have worked together since 1992.

5) Where is your office based?
Our parent company is a New York company with an office in Princeton, NJ. We have several subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

6) I have the drawings in proper format. How do I go about converting these into AutoCAD?
First , use a scanner to convert the physical drawing into a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file. Then send us the file via our online order form (www.rastertovector.biz) along with any special instructions (output format, delivery deadline). You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

7) Can I e-mail the paper drawings?
You may scan the drawings and email the scanned images to us, but we prefer that you use our online order form (www.rastertovector.biz), which is more reliable than e-mail.

8) What CAD standards are you following?
We can follow any CAD standards that you specify.

9) My drawings are of confidential nature. Would you be willing to sign a
confidentiality agreement?

Yes, we are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. However, it is our policy to maintain the confidentiality of our clients? information even if we have not signed a confidentiality agreement.

10) Can I send the drawings through Fax?
Yes, you may send the drawings through fax, but we prefer that you scan and upload the images via order form on our home page (www.rastertovector.biz).

11) Do you work with CAD drawings from all disciplines?
Yes, we work on all kinds of CAD drawings, including architectural drawings, product drawings, topographical maps, GIS drawings.

12) Can you provide references?
For small orders, we typically do not provide references. However, for customers with large requirements (above $10,000 per year), we would be happy to provide references.

13) What should be the minimum resolution of the scanned image?
Min. 200 dpi and B/W scan is acceptable

14) Would any printer be able to use the vectorized file for printing purposes?
Yes. Please let us know if you have any special printing requirements.

15) Do you design/vector logos?
Yes. You can do.