2D to 3D conversion is the process of of converting 2D images or drawings into a three-dimensional model. The following are all good candidates for 2D to 3D conversion:

  • Architectural drawings,
  • manufacturing drawings,
  • engineering blueprints,
  • piping diagrams,
  • aerospace drawings 
  • product drawings  

Whether you need professional 2D drafting services, 3D modeling, or paper to 2D/3D modeling, our aim is to deliver high quality, cost-effective and customized solutions for all of your 2D to 3D needs.

Our 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Service

Using our own proprietary process to convert 2D image to 3D, our creative team can add depth to flat 2D images or drawing.

We provide modeling services for customers moving from the 2D to the 3D world. Do you need help in creating a hi-quality, detailed, true three-dimensional model of your mechanical part from your old 2D drawing? We can help you.

In fact, we provide 2D CAD drafting for all aspects of building services including electrical, mechanical, and public health. Our 2D to 3D conversion services deal with all phases of your project from tender submission, comment, and construction to as-fitted/record status.

Also, we offer complete 2D to 3D conversions and CAD drafting services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on.

Our 2D to 3D conversion service assists you in converting older drawings into 3D solid models. In fact, we produce 3D models in a number of common native and generic file formats. Manual drawings or electronic drawings in AutoCAD format can be converted to SolidWorks, Pro-E, or IronCAD Solid Models.

We can convert scans of your existing paper copies into electronic CAD files

Our process starts with high quality 2D drawings. However, very often our clients only have scans of paper drawings. Therefore, we redraw the scanned images in CAD (e.g. AutoaCAD) to match the original sheets exactly. All CAD files are full-scale, dimensionally accurate and conform with your layering standards (our default standard is that of AIA, American Institute of Architects).

Our extensive skill base and production capabilities allow us to execute 3D projects using a range of software/ applications. We use the latest CAD standards and techniques to convert from 2D to 3D.